Time to Shine


First day of school breakfast

Adriana’s preschool teacher, Teacher Mary, sent her a surprise note this week – Adri’s first week at her new kindergarten.

“It’s your time to shine,” she wrote.

Adri’s preschool teachers know Adri’s capacity for learning.

Her strong personality and will.

Adri’s new kindergarten teachers have only had a couple of days to get to know her.


Santi and Adri with the neighbor kids, Anisa and Giana.

But I suspect they’re getting a sense of how bright and capable she is — despite her physical limitations.

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) doesn’t affect the mind.

It’s a curse. A cruel condition to place a child in.

Amazing intellect paired with physical weakness.

But in a way, it can be a blessing.

Unknowingly, Adri is teaching kids, right along with her teachers.

adri-santi-leawoodTeaching them that physical disabilities don’t make you less of a person.

Instead, they happen to the strongest of persons.

And, they bring out the best in every person.

The best in Adri’s new classmates who will grow and learn with her………..and become her friends.

Friends who don’t see a disability, but a human being.

A person who, at times, needs help but who can also help others.


Mama and Adri: No tears this morning, only joy!

They call SMA a life-limiting illness.

Maybe so.

But right now, as Adri begins a new kindergarten journey, in a new school with big brother Santiago just a few classrooms down the hall – there are no limits.

Only dreams.

And laughter.

And tears.


And the hope that every child has………..that every tomorrow is better and more fun than the yesterday that’s gone.


Mama and Santi

We love you, Adri and Santi!

It is indeed time to shine!









First day hug from Ms. Rombach (Adri’s kindergarten teacher)!


Finding her backpack hook!


Finding his backpack hook!


Adri with her paraprofessional, Ms. Vincy.



4 thoughts on “Time to Shine

  1. Every post you write, I have to stop, and then go back to finish it– after I’m composed. I can’t begin to tell you how powerful your writing is- still is. I can feel your soul and I am thinking of you, even though I’m 5,000 miles away. Peace to you, my friend. Linda

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