Merida’s Very Happy Halloween

The stares came.

I didn’t have to see them.

I felt them, like when you’re on a crowded bus and a fellow rider brushes against you.

The stares were slightly annoying, but unavoidable.


Merida and the Green Lantern, saving the world.

I’m getting used to them.

Annoying, I guess, because you don’t know why people stare.





Probably a combination of every emotion.

But I think most are just happy to see Adriana.

In this case, they LOVED seeing her in her Halloween costume.

Just as Adri LOVED dressing up as Merida from the animated film Brave.

For a few days, Adri pretended to ride on her horse, Angus.

At her therapist’s office party.

At her preschool party.

At a party at one of the local high schools.

And on the big night…an unusually warm Halloween night where she could ride the sidewalks.halloween1

With some tricky maneuvering — and incredible riding skills — she could make it to a few front doors.

For the others, I’d take her off her “saddle” and carry her to claim her treat.

With such nice weather, the neighborhood kids were up and down the streets, filling their buckets.

Running up steps.

Running through yards.

Running in between bushes and trees.

The things that Adriana can’t do…yet

But she never complained.

We went at our pace,

She “parked” her horse.

I carried her to the door.

We chatted with the neighbors as they admired Adri’s costume.

And thanks to the weather…


Adriana mounts her trusty steed, Angus, for the first time! Gaby in the back with Kristen, who volunteered her time to make Adri’s Halloween dream come true!

…..thanks to the many smiles and kind comments

…..thanks to the neighbor who ran across the street to bring Adri her treat, because she knew it would be difficult for Adri to make it to her door

….and thanks to our friend, Kristen Solomon, who made the time in her busy schedule to create the Angus cutouts for the costume…

…Adriana was happy!

She rode on into the evening, as nothing more than a four year old.

Happy to play dress up.

Happy to be around her brother, her neighbors, her classmates.

Happy to play games.

Happy to say “trick or treat.”

Happy to see her orange pumpkin filled with candy.


2 thoughts on “Merida’s Very Happy Halloween

  1. This is great! I bet there were many jealous faces looking her way. I know I would have loved to have a wonderful costume and horse!!

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