Happy Birthday, Santiago!

On November 24, 2008, Santiago Jesus Gomez entered our lives at 5:43 a.m.

It was a Monday.

This Monday morning, in 2014, Gaby and I were remembering bits and pieces of that day, six years ago.

At 7:43 this morning (or 5:43 a.m. Mountain time), Santi entered our room with a smile on his face.

Ok, it was give or take a few minutes, but it was almost the exact time he entered the world six years ago.

He may not have been smiling back then. In fact if I recall correctly, he was pretty irate.

But he was smiling today; excited about the party he would be getting at school. The presents he’d soon be receiving.

I watched him today, interacting with his friends.

I watched him include his little sister in the activities.

I watched him give up his chair during “musical chairs” to his friend Alejandro so Alejandro wouldn’t lose.

I watched him lead a game of Simon Says.

I watched him.

And I wondered.

What did I do to deserve such a gift?

But perhaps a more appropriate question is: what will I do to continue to deserve it?

Six years ago, God filled our lives with immeasurable joy and equally immeasurable love.

I must work everyday to earn it.

But if all it takes is to love my son, then the task is already complete.

Because loving you, Santi, is a done deal.

Happy birthday!

Preparing the classroom

Preparing the classroom.

Mom and Adri

Mom and Adri waiting for Santi.

Santi's entrance.

Santi’s entrance.

Brother and sister.

Brother and sister.

The girls

The girls of the class.

Santi with his teachers, and Alejandro on the left.

Santi with his teachers, Angela and Yadira, and Alejandro on the left.

Adriana and Adrian.

Adriana and Adrian.


Gift from Rodrigo.


Gift from Carlos


Gift from Adrian.


Gift from Isabella


Gift from Sylvanna


Gift from Natalia


Adri joined the party.


Santi hands out gifts

IMG_0323 IMG_0331 IMG_0347 IMG_0394

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Santiago!

  1. Happy birthday to Santi!! I still remember when you were telling me you and Gabby’s options for names at work and I loved this name right from the start😄 hope he got lots of gifts

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