A hope for better things

Today, Adriana’s and Santiago’s preschool celebrated Dia de los Abuelitos (Grandparents’ Day).

Each classroom put on a skit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 2.17.36 PMI know from seeing Santi’s previous performances that the skits typically involve dancing, jumping and moving around the stage.

This would be Adri’s first show.

I thought to myself, “How could she possibly fit in?”

“Are they just going to sit her in the corner to watch as her classmates perform?”

I felt the butterflies in my stomach as Adri’s class prepared to come on stage.

Her classmates took their places as Adri’s teacher, Ms. Paty, carried her in and placed her in her chair.

Not on the side of the stage….but in the center!

Part of me was so excited!

She’s in the middle of it all!

Then, my nervousness got worse.

What if she falls over?

What if another child accidentally bumps her?

And I’m embarrassed to say, I wondered what other people were thinking.

“What’s wrong with her?” they were probably saying.

Then, the performance started………..and every fear, ever worry, disappeared.



Adri moved her arms and shoulders to the music, moved her legs, sang and recited her poem, right along with her classmates.

She smiled…..and then she saw Gaby in the front row, crying.

“Why are you crying? Adri asked.

For a few minutes, Adri was a performer.

Not a child with SMA, but a performer.

A normal three-year-old child, excited about being part of the show.

Part of her group.

Yes, she had to do things a little differently than the others, but she belonged.

She belonged!

It was her first performance. The first of many.

Some — like this one — will be successes. Others will be failures.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Not because Adri is special………but because that’s the way it works.

All children are special.

And as long as we have teachers like Adri’s (Ms. Paty and Ms. Maruha) — those with passion and compassion for children — our kids can embrace their uniqueness and realize it’s o.k. to be a little different.

It’s o.k. to hope for better things.

That’s what happened to me today.

A renewed hope that Adri will be happy despite her challenges.

That she won’t feel the anger and bitterness I sometimes feel.

That’s she won’t live in fear.

Because after her performance today, there’s little doubt that better things are yet to come on this path God has chosen for us!

6 thoughts on “A hope for better things

  1. Pero si Adri se mueve igual o más que los niños de al lado jaja!!! Fue muy lindo verlo, las mujeres somos unas lloronas, yo también lloro de la emoción en las presentaciones de Gabriel!! y se esbozaban en mis ojos lágrimas de felicidad al ver este video!!
    Y Adri no puede con su genio!!…llamándolos en pleno show jaja….ella ES y será siempre la estrella central porque tiene una gran personalidad y autoconfianza que es herencia de sus padres!

  2. I was crying too, Gaby. Carlos, your daughter is special because she is your beautiful child and she will have a very happy life!

  3. Chcios quería dejar un mensaje en la página pero no me deja!
    Se los mando x acá!
    Tienen una hija maravillosa!

    Emocionada hasta las lágrimas yo tbn! … Orgullosa de uds por qué son unos maravillosos papas pero sobre todo orgullosa de Adrianita! , por que será una estrella siempre! … Y no me cabe duda q Dios eligió a los mejores padres para ella! … Adelante chicos, siempre para adelante, que se vienen mucho más grandes shows como este ! Todo mi cariño para uds! , mi respeto y mi admiración!

    > El 28/08/2014, a las 17:42, “LittletonToLima: Our SMA Journey” escribió:

  4. Adriana is so very beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings along your journey….Love, Gail

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