Look mom! Like Luna!

When we finally made the decision to move to Peru, we knew we’d have to make certain sacrifices and there would be many things we’d miss:

  • Our home filled with so many memories
  • Family and friends who loved and supported us through all our trials
  • Beautiful weather, fall colors and winter snow storms (Gaby doesn’t miss those)
  • Our church and the friends we made there
  • A job that I really enjoyed
  • Saturday Costco runs with the kids (couldn’t beat the $1.50 hot dog/pizza and soft drink special); Santi always had the pizza and Adri a little of both
  • Trips to the zoo or children’s museum
  • Downtown Denver
  • And the list goes on

One thing that left a large hole in our hearts was our decision to leave Luna, our black lab, behind.

Adri and Luna

Adri and Luna during our last visit to Denver (February 2014).

Our good friends Tony and Nancy (Gaby’s adoptive parents in Colorado) offered to keep Luna until we got things settled in Lima.

And then, they would send Luna on a plane a few months later to be with us again.

But as often happens in life, our plans changed.

Tony and Nancy are dog lovers.

They have two other yellow labs, a beautiful home with a huge yard, a swimming pool and a stream that runs along their house.

So essentially, we left Luna at the equivalent of dog heaven on earth.

Each time Nancy sent over a video of Luna swimming and playing with the other dogs, we realized that probably the worst thing we could do was bring her to live with us in Lima.

She would be cooped up in a small apartment all day, and we couldn’t devote near enough of the time labs need to be happy.

Santi and Adri with Luna and Beanie

Santi and Adri with Luna and Beanie (February 2014, Denver)

Tony and Nancy realized the same thing and offered to keep her.

Part of me thinks there was a small hole in Luna’s heart in the beginning, but it quickly got filled with daily walks, chasing balls and napping with her playmates on her own lazy-boy chair.

And a puppy named Cairo will bring healing

Part of the hole in our hearts is now being filled by “Cairo.” That’s the name of our neighbor’s black lab puppy.

Since we arrived in Lima, anytime the kids see a dog resembling Luna, they respond with, “Look mom! Like Luna!”


Adri and Santi with Cairo (August 2014, Lima)

Actually, any black animal evokes that response:

  • A black lab: “Look mom! Like Luna!”
  • A black chihuahua: “Look mom! Like Luna!”
  • The black jaguar at the zoo: “Look mom! Like Luna!”
  • A black capybara: “Look mom! Like Luna!”
  • A black guinea pig: “Look mom! Like Luna!” Until it gets served up for lunch and any sort of resemblance pretty much disappears.

But Cairo, being a true black lab puppy, is exactly like Luna.

Gaby immediately began to lecture our neighbor, Ernesto, about the needs a lab has: constant exercise and constant attention.

“When you’re ready to give him up,” Gaby told him, “make sure you call me so we can take him from you.”

Yesterday, Gaby went over and “borrowed” Cairo so Santi and Adri (and she) could play with him for a while.

The pictures and videos speak for themselves.

I’m just waiting for the day Gaby borrows him again and accidentally forgets to return him.

Our hole for Luna will never be filled, but we’re trying our best to ignore it.

2 thoughts on “Look mom! Like Luna!

  1. Loved the photos and the little videos…and the story. Your Dad and Mom must have been thrilled to see you all in February! Love you!

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