Training Wheels: A Metaphor for Life

I didn’t think the day would come so fast!

I guess anyone with children finds themselves saying that a lot.

Santiago asked us to remove his training wheels.

His friend, Gabriel, rides without them. So, he had to try it.

I removed them.

Santi bike ride

Santi’s first ride without training wheels!

He rode for several minutes with me running alongside, my hand on his bicycle seat.

I let go for a few seconds.

Hand back on his seat.

Hand off for 10 seconds.

Hand back on his seat.

All the while, giving directions:

  • Stay to the right.
  • Keep pedaling.
  • Stop pedaling.
  • Hands on the brakes.
  • Watch for cars.
  • Good job, Santi!

I ran up a little ahead of him.

Santi and Adri baking

Baking celebratory cookies after the big ride!

His eyes grew wide with excitement — “I’m doing it by myself, daddy?!!”

“All by yourself!” I said proudly.

He hadn’t realized he was riding mostly by himself the whole time.

He had his share of wobbles and one fall.

But there were no tears this day.

No regretting the past or worrying about the future.

Only joy!

That’s when I realized.

As hard as it is to let go, and as much as we want to hold on, our children are meant to fly.

We love them.

We catch them when we can.

But eventually they fly too fast, and they fly too high.

And we can only sit back, wipe away the tears and hope we did it right.

Enjoy the video!




7 thoughts on “Training Wheels: A Metaphor for Life

  1. Wow! What a fun video! So happy for Santi! That’s a milestone never to be forgotten! He’s going to keep you running, Carlos! You look like you’re in great shape! Keep it up!

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