Ok, Yoga, Make Me Healthy Again

He who is completely without stress exists solely in works of fiction.

Since our move to Lima (and for quite sometime before), stress has occupied a large part of our lives.

Gaby’s cancer, Adriana’s diagnosis and the transition to a new life are all the perfect setting for stress to plant its seeds and grow.

With help and prayers from you, our family and friends (and strangers), we’ve overcome the hurdles so far!

A new realization

Yesterday was a wonderful day, as some of you may have read!

Adriana experienced preschool for the first time, and we glimpsed the bright future we know she has ahead of her.

I came to the realization, however, that if I don’t take care of myself physically and emotionally, I risk the chance of not being around to see our kids grow up and have their kids.

I risk the chance of not seeing the cure for SMA and Adriana’s first steps.

Emotionally, I feel like I’m in a very good place. As I mentioned, your prayers and support — and my faith in God, although tested all the time — have strengthened me!

Physically, though, I’m nowhere near my happy place. And, I seemed to have lost the directions to get back.

I’m not in horrible shape. In fact, I just had some bloodwork done here in Lima, and my numbers are very good. Better than they were in the states.


Secretly, I was hoping they’d be worse so I could make the excuse that we need to move back home, for the sake of my health. (Only kidding………..sort of.)]

[End of aside]

My body, however, is one big, tight ball of stress. I’m in constant pain.

I know what you’re saying: “Your getting old.”

My response? “Shut up!”

Photo on 5-29-14 at 11.48 AM

My butt should be much higher, back straighter, and I think my feet should be flat on the ground. I”m going to need more than 30 days.

Anyway, it’s time to make things right……for me and my family!

So today, I started a 30-day yoga challenge on YouTube.

Please send me any prayers, positive thoughts or anything else you can muster up to help me see it through!

Photo on 5-29-14 at 11.47 AM #2

My lifted leg should be pointing toward the ceiling. Yes, that’s right, I said ceiling.

Day 1 realizations

  • My downward-facing dog pose (which should look like an inverted V) is an embarrassment to the practice of yoga (see accompanying photo).
  • Every time the instructor says, “now if this doesn’t quite feel comfortable, try doing it this way,” she’s talking directly to me. Like she knew I’d be attending.
  • Sitting cross-legged on the floor is not supposed to be painful.
  • A quote from one of my favorite TV shows will be resonating loudly during this challenge: “My body doesn’t do that without booze.”

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Ok, Yoga, Make Me Healthy Again

  1. Carlos, Send me the YouTube Link – I’ll do the challenge with you!! Always thinking about you guys and sending you lots of love! Mondi

  2. Hey there Carlitos,
    I have been reading your blog. You rock as a husband, provider and most of all a father! Congratulations on such wonderful accomplisments. Victoria had shown me your blog and beautiful family. I am shocked at how courageous, talkative and out going you have become. Just wanted to say Hi and are an inspirational parent. Take care Downward Dog. Jacquelynn Gipson

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