Note from God: Adri will attend preschool today

The stars aligned today and gave us a miracle.

Ok, maybe not a miracle, but indeed a joyous event….which in itself can be a miracle.

Gaby had just returned from taking Adriana to her physical therapy session. When she drove up to the house, Santiago’s school next door was preparing for a “march” to celebrate what’s called the “Semana de la Educacion Inicial,” which is a week of events to highlight the importance of preschool.


Adri’s first preschool class

All the classes were lined up right outside the door, ready to march.

Adriana saw them and wanted to participate.

Gaby, who is much more in tune with Adri’s developmental needs, told her that she could follow the march in her wheelchair.

I simply would have carried her and followed the procession.

IMG_0630Adri was excited to be part of the march, as she enjoyed a bit of independence in her chair.

Lately it’s been a bit difficult to motivate Adri to use her chair, but this time, she wanted to do it all by herself.

She wanted to be a part of it all!

It didn’t end there.

When they returned, Adri was bringing up the back of the line in her chair.

IMG_0631She wanted it to continue. She wanted to follow the classes back into school.

So, we took her into the three-year-old classroom to participate in music class.

She sat in wonder of her new classmates, about 10 in all.

She moved her body to the music.


Sleeping with Ms. Patty, as the other kids sleep on the floor

She pretended to sleep when the other kids did the same.


Ms. Patty helping her with the maraca

She got help from the teacher, Ms. Patty, who last year was Santiago’s teacher.

She laughed when the others laughed.

She held the maraca when it was her turn to play music.

She watched her classmates jump up and down to the music.

My heart ached and Gaby cried as we wondered what she was thinking.

“Daddy, I want to jump,” she must have been saying to herself.

But, she never complained.

And, although she didn’t want to leave, we brought her home, and she was happy.

Gaby’s intention has always been to take Adri a couple of times a week to school, but the timing just hadn’t worked out.

God imposed his timing on us today, and Adri attended preschool for the first time!


Her classmates were just as excited to meet their new friend

It was all unplanned by us, so in my mind, it was part of God’s plan.

And so we’ll continue down this new path we’ve been shown, anxious for every new experience!

And we’ll continue to pray that our hearts and minds are open to receiving the plans God has in store for us.

Much love to everyone!

7 thoughts on “Note from God: Adri will attend preschool today

  1. You’ve said it Carlos, ita all in God’s plans! Yeyyyy! Gaby just told me and she is very happy! I saw the pictures and had tears of joy as well. Thank you for sharing and i am sure this is just one more step towards many “firsts” to show us what is she capable of! I love Adri! She is so strong! God bless her and you all! ❤️

  2. Thid litle girl will be fiercly independent, strong willed, stubborn, headstrong, beautiful, kind, caring, giving…(like someone else I know in this family). All those attributes will carry her through life and she will move forward and live life to the fullest and overcome every setback, every fear and every possible disappointment. She will “march on” as she did this in this beautiful post. One day, I suspect in the not so distant future…we all will be marching behind Adri and she will lead!!!.

  3. “But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; And may you shelter them,
    That those who love Your name may exult in You”..Ps 5:11. What a joy to see Ari in the class room intent on all that is going on. She is such trooper!
    Love you and yours,

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