Anything You Can, I Can Do………In My Own Better Way

Whenever I read someone’s story about life with their special needs child — or life as an individual with special needs — a common theme tends to surface.

“I may not do things the same way, but I can do them nonetheless.”

The same holds true for our Adriana.

When her brother has something, she wants it.

When her brother does something, she wants to do it.

At the park

Enjoying a sunny April afternoon at a local park, before cloudy fall and winter days set in.

She sees Santiago jumping on the bed and says, “I want up on the bed.”

So I wrap my hands around her torso and lift her up and down, as they hold hands and jump together.

She sees Santiago running after a dog in the park and says, “I want with Papu (her nickname for Santiago).”

So I hold her in front of me with her back against my chest, and we run after Santi and the puppy.

We realize there are things she can’t do….just yet.

So for now — on this Good Friday, when we remember Christ’s ultimate act of love for us — I pray for the strength and wisdom to always tell Adriana she can do it…in her own special way.

Enjoy the pictures of Adri taking in life, her own way!






Muppet show

Santi and Adri enjoying a Saturday muppet show at the local library.



Adri's favorite flowers

Adri picking flowers by herself

Baking time

Adri and Santi helping mom bake



Adri rolling down the hill with big brother


Check out the backdrop in this picture

3 thoughts on “Anything You Can, I Can Do………In My Own Better Way

  1. Loved the photos..what beautiful children. Indeed He is Risen. Have a wonderful Resurrection
    Love you all,

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