Joy Cometh…with a Bucket of Sand

Santiago spent three nights away from us. It’s the longest he’s been away from mama, papa and Adri.

We dropped him off at a beach called Naplo, about an hour south of Lima. His Tio Luis and 3-year-old cousin, Flavia, were spending the week there.

He saw the sand and ocean and was eager to send us on our way.

We left him without a problem.

Then, that night, the call came.

Santi was crying on the phone with his mama, wanting us to come get him.

We fought every impulse to do it.

After hearing his mom’s voice, and after Tio Luis gave Santi his “magic pillow,” things calmed down.

Luis sent us this picture the next day.


“…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” -Psalms 30:15

All it took was a bucket, some sand and his cousin Flavia.

It comes in different forms for each of us, but there is joy in the morning.

I don’t always see it, but God provides.

I pray He gives me the strength and wisdom to find joy every day.

And, I hope you find it, too.

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